Hand Engraved Gifts.

We engrave glassware and crystal, one piece at a time, to create personalised gifts to customer’s orders.

You can order glassware or crystal to choice featuring free name/message engraving, and choose one of our free basic designs to further personalise the engraving.

You can request a specific design engraved to order on glassware or crystal to choice, to which we will add free name/message engraving.

Check us out for wedding gifts or corporate designs.

Engraved artwork can be anything from portraits to photo engraving.


The process of glass engraving at My Way

Hand-held Engraver

Stage one: Sponging the surface

At My Way we use a hand held rotating drill for all our engraving work. The drill bits used vary from diamond to acrylic, and are used for their ability to carve a certain depth or polish roughened surfaces.

All work is set out on the glass with a diamond drill bit, whereby water is sponged across the surface at intervals to prevent the glass from cracking. It also stops dust from flying into the air. Once the required detail has been added with different sized diamonds, the glass is dried and checked for perfection.

All work then undergoes a second stage, the ‘filling in’ of open spaces with arkansas or aluminium oxide abrasives. It changes the surface of the glass, but doesn’t carve to the depth of the diamond. Additionally the carved detail might be smoothened using similar stone.

The third stage of our engraving involves polishing. Rubber bits are used to polish back the whole drawing, to a darkened image.

Stage One - Initial Carving

Stage One – Initial Carving

The final stages are now due, which have all to do with adding detail, highlighting sections, polishing back some more and carving deeper.

The finished product will then be completed with requested writing added, and an extra Glassex polish.

Check out our image galleries to see beautifully engraved glass and crystal.